Promotions Tab

SearchStudio > Relevance > Relevance Modeling > Promotions Tab

The Promotions Tab of SearchStudio’s Model Details screen lets a specific query “promote” a search result to the top of the list of matching items. Multiple results can be promoted and their order defined. 

First, create or select a promotion from the list:

The next step is to enter a query that will trigger this promotion. In this case, the promotion will be triggered when the search query contains the phrase “best practice.”

The next step is to pull up a list of documents that should contain the items we want to promote. In this case, we searched for documents containing “best practice.” Solr returned 354 results. The highest-scoring ten matches appeared in the left-side column.

Click on any result to move it to the Promoted Items column. 

The promoted items can be ordered using Move Up and Move Down buttons. 

When this Search Experience is active, and when Solr receives a query about best practices, the promoted items will appear at the top of the results list. Each promoted result contains a special field value ([elevated]:true) so your UI can emphasize that result as special in some way.