Widget Configuration

The SearchStax Site Search solution’s UI library provides several widgets that can be configured and added to a page. Each widget has a configuration object that defines its options.

InputRenders the search input box and handles search suggestions/auto-completeInput Widget Docs
ResultsDisplays the core search results with titles, descriptions, images etc.Results Widget Docs
PaginationProvides pagination controls and status for search result pagesPagination Widget Docs
FacetsDisplays faceted filters that allow drilling down search resultsFacets Widget Docs
Search FeedbackShows search feedback message with number of results and corrected queriesSearchFeedback Widget Docs
Related SearchesDisplays algorithmically generated related searches for the current queryRelated Searches Widget Docs
External PromotionsRenders promotional content from external sourcesExternal Promotions Widget Docs
SortingProvides controls to sort search results by predefined options like date, relevance etc.Sorting Widget Docs


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