Searchstax PaginationWidget Angular

The SearchStax Site Search solution offers an Angular pagination widget to assist with you custom search page.

The SearchstaxPaginationWidget for Angular displays pagination controls for search results.


Import the component:

import { SearchstaxPaginationWidget } from '@searchstax-inc/searchstudio-ux-angular';

Add it to the template:



  • templateOverride: TemplateRef to override the default pagination UI.


  • paginationData: Object containing pagination data like page numbers, result ranges etc.
  • context: Component instance reference.


  • nextPage(): Advances to the next page.
  • previousPage(): Goes back to previous page.
  • attachObservables(): Subscribes to search data observables.

Template Binding Properties

The templateOverride provides:

  • paginationData: Pagination data object.
  • previousPage: Method to go to previous page.
  • nextPage: Method to go to next page.
  • context: Component instance context.

See Example of Pagination Widget for Angular


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.