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Understand User Behavior and Uncover Enhancement Opportunities

Get insights on key search indicators to understand
what works and what could be improved

Personalize the Search Results for Your Users

All the Features You Need to Create Great Search Experiences

Configure, manage and enhance the search experience all in one place


Improve the search experience by offering suggestions while the user is typing.


Manage the facets that provide more efficient filtering of search results.


Offer suggestions for commonly misspelled words to improve the search experience.

Synonyms Management

Set up and manage search synonyms to improve findability


Create rules to manage boosting or use functions to trigger relevant search results.


Curate the search experience by promoting content to the top of the search results.

Custom Ranking

Select which fields should be boosted in the results to improve search relevance.


Serve search results that are based on a user’s location.

Developer Friendly APIs and Headless UX Accelerators

Integrate search quickly using powerful APIs and JavaScript libraries

Native Platform Integrations to Accelerate Development

Trusted by Marketers and Developers Across the Globe

Prior to SearchStudio, we really had no insight into our search analytics. In addition to analytics, we now have a whole host of search capabilities that I can use without having to involve our IT team.

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We found that the search results with SearchStudio, straight out of the box, was lightyears ahead of what we were delivering through our existing configuration.

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I can't say enough how amazed I am that the SearchStax team pulled off the implementation and made site search work the way we want it to work

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