Deliver Great Search Experiences Faster, Better and More Efficiently

Imagine a world where business teams have the power to analyze and improve their customer’s search experience — without involving IT

Site Search

Measure, Manage and Optimize Your Search Experience


Gain insights into all aspects of search so you can see what works, what doesn't and where to make improvements.

Experience Manager

Configure and manage the search experience within an easy-to-use interface.


Conduct simulations and use A/B testing to optimize the search relevance for your customers.

Works with any Solr deployment

Site Search is compatible with custom apps and major CMS platforms

Sitecore Relies on SearchStax Managed Solr

Empower your business teams to improve search

“Lack of visibility into search metrics hindered our ability to improve search and conversions for our fans. The team at SearchStax helped bring visibility into our search metrics and helped to develop a data-driven approach to improving search relevance. With the insights delivered by SearchStax, we were able to quickly bring our new search experience to beyond parity above our legacy search engine. These guys really are the search and cloud experts and have helped accelerate progress on multiple fronts.”

David Han, VP Product, Ticketmaster

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