Managed Solr Overview Video

Managed Solr Overview

Watch a brief overview of SearchStax Cloud. SearchStax Cloud is a fully-managed hosted Solr SaaS solution that automates, manages, maintains and scales Solr search infrastructure on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Website Search Made Easy for Sitecore

Site Search for Sitecore

SearchStax Studio for Sitecore delivers modern, relevant and personalized site search experiences faster, easier and at a lower cost than alternatives. Watch the our overview to learn more.

Sitecore Symposium 2022 – Powering the Future of Website Search

Are you ready for the composable future? Learn how Sitecore and SearchStax client IFS delivers powerful search results using SearchStax Studio. Together, with their Sitecore partner Sagittarius, we are readying them for pathway to XM Cloud. Are you interested in a better search experience?

SearchStax Cloud Dashboard Overview Demo

SearchStax Cloud Dashboard Overview Demo

Get a walk-through of the SearchStax Cloud Dashboard narrated by Pete Navarro, VP DXP Solutions. See how to create a deployment and view an overview of monitoring and alerting.

Introducing Surprising DrupalSearch

Introducing the Surprising

At DrupalCon 2022, Sameer Maggon introduced a surprising site - - to the Drupal community. Surprising because of the quality of the search results and surprising from the modest effort to build the site.

Improving the Sitecore Site Search Experience at ACU

Improving the Sitecore Website Search Experience

Listen to Luke Williams, head of Digital Experience at Australian Catholic University (ACU), explain how he has taken ACU’s search game to the next level and leverages deep search analytics to tune the experience and improve the site search experience on their Sitecore website.