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Number of Apps 1 1 1 to Unlimited
Search Requests Per Month 500K 1M > 1M
Items Indexed 500K 1M > 1M
Analytics Retention 90 Days 365 Days > 365 Days
Search KPI Trends & Dashboard
Popular & No Result Searches
Click & Content Analytics
Reporting APIs
Hit Highlighting
Spell Check
Muti-Lingual Search (> 40 Languages)
Location-based Search
Ranking & Relevance Tuning
Synonym & Stopword Management
Personalization & Models
Rules & Promotions
Search & Indexing APIs
Search Page Vue.js Accelerator
Native JS Auto-suggest Accelerator
Native Platform Connectors (Sitecore & Drupal)
Reporting API
Website Crawler
Support Priority Email Priority Email 24x7x365
Uptime SLAs
Custom Terms of Service

* You can always change Plans as you learn more about your usage patterns or experience growth. If you exceed your monthly Search Requests and Items Indexed, you will need to upgrade your account to the next Plan tier.

SearchStax Site Search Pricing FAQs

What cloud regions are supported for Site Search?

SearchStax Site Search apps are available in the following regions:

  • North Virginia, US (US East) 
  • Oregon, US (US West) 
  • Montreal, CA (Canada)
  • Frankfurt, DE (Germany)
  • London, UK (United Kingdom)
  • Sydney, AU (Australia)
  • Tokyo, JP (Japan)

Additional information is available in the Site Search Product Documentation.

What is an App? When do I need more than 1 App?

An app is a container that groups everything together including data, configurations, analytics, etc. If you are looking to add search to your website, you will need 1 app for it. If you have multiple environments like development, qa, production, then each environment maps to an app. If you have multiple search experiences on your website, you will require multiple apps for that.

What is a Search Request?

A Search Request is a group of one or more search or discovery operations sent in a single exchange. 

Search endpoints using the Search API are included in the Search Count for Plan Limits.

The search endpoints using the Auto-Suggest API, Popular Searches, Related Searches and Ingest API are not included in the Search Count for Plan Limits.

What happens if I go over my Plan limits?

SearchStax will start throttling or denying any requests that are made beyond your existing Plan limits. It is recommended that you choose the Plan that avoids exceeding Plan limits. At any time, you can upgrade to the next Plan level.

Do I have an option to purchase Onboarding Services?

When you purchase any SearchStax Site Search Enterprise Plan, you’ll automatically be charged for onboarding to ensure you get started on the right foot with your search experience efforts. When you purchase  SearchStax Site Search Professional or Business Plans, Onboarding Services are optional and may be purchased for a separate fee.

Does SearchStax offer discounts for Startups and Nonprofits?

We love startups and Nonprofits. Eligible startups and Nonprofits can get up to a 20% discount on SearchStax subscriptions. Contact Sales for more information.

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