Innovators across the globe trust SearchStax to deliver better search

SearchStax is on a mission to empower teams across the globe to deliver better search applications and experiences faster and with more confidence.

SearchStax Solr Service empowers developers and DevOps teams to provision, manage, monitor, and scale the Apache Solr search engine in the public and private cloud environments. Our fully-managed search service allows your team to spend more time focused on building a better search experience for your customers and less time on search infrastructure.

Site Search is a search analytics and experience management solution that empowers business teams to analyze, improve, and optimize their customers’ search experience.

Our team is passionate about enabling companies to move faster and do more with less. We’re headquartered in California with a distributed team located across the United States and around the world.

Our Leadership Team

Why SearchStax?

Small Team

SearchStax was started to meet a genuine need - enable individuals and companies to focus on what's core to their business - delivering value to their customers by building better customer experiences and not spend time on infrastructure, operations and tooling.

Cloud Sass

Cloud and SaaS now represent the fundamental building blocks behind every company's success. Companies increasingly move their existing applications and services to an “as-a-service” model and focus their resources on hyper-targeted areas where they know they can derive maximum value.

Cloud Based

We’re only starting to explore search beyond the obvious applications. With advances in cloud-based technologies and analytics and the flood of data it creates, it allows the company to move beyond its infrastructure roots and to develop sophisticated tools designed to empower its customers to build ever more accurate and personalized search experiences.

Our Customer

Our customers are central to our continued success. Major players like Ticketmaster, Toyota, Samsung, and others are investing in SearchStax daily to help serve better search experiences. These partnerships help us understand what matters and gives us insights into how we can build even more value for them in the future.

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