Revitalize the Digital Patient Experience with Site Search

Help patients and plan members to quickly find what they need to make informed decisions about the most important aspect of their lives – their health and wellness.

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The user experience on healthcare websites directly reflects the quality of the overall patient experience. With SearchStax Studio, web teams can leverage site search to build trust with patients and caregivers, and to ensure that the website is helping to maintain a solid reputation with the broader medical community via important updates to care services, public health guidelines and more.


Transforming Site Search for Healthcare Providers

With SearchStax Studio, web teams can easily adapt to meet the needs of hospitals, insurance companies, and medical associations. Studio integrates with Sitecore, Drupal, Acquia or Adobe Experience Manager to deliver an optimal search experience.

Surgically Prioritize What Matters, When It Matters

People look to healthcare providers to provide continual expertise and guidance. Gain better control over what they’re searching for to build trust and brand loyalty.

Care Can be Customized. So Should Search

Learn what patients and plan members find most valuable, and how to create a personalized search experience for everyone.

Urgent Doesn’t Only Apply to Medical Treatment

Healthcare consumers don’t have time to navigate your website, but you still need to provide them with the exact information they need, instantly.

Address Diverse Community Needs with Multi-Language Search

Directly support a broader range of patients and plan members of all ages, with support for over 22 languages.

Pricing Options for Budget-Conscious IT Departments

It can be tough to find an affordable site search option for your healthcare website. SearchStax offers three pricing options so you can select the plan that works best for you without breaking the bank.


$499 /mo

Billed Annually


$799 /mo

Billed Annually


Starts at

$1,499 /mo

Billed Annually

Proven Results from Healthcare Providers Using SearchStax Studio

Working with other healthcare providers and customers, we’ve compiled the search best practices to show what how Studio can improve healthcare websites. Check out our healthcare search best practice blog to find out what can be gained by implementing an optimized search experience.

Popular Use Cases for Healthcare Provider Site Search

Researching Health and Wellness Topics

The general public does not search in the same way medical personnel do. Ensure your website visitors can find the health information they need quickly, regardless of what they type in the search bar.

Finding Provider Forms and Insurance Forms

Patients waste valuable time searching for forms online. Healthcare financial personnel teams spend time making sense of and sending back misused forms.

Request a Demo of SearchStax Studio

Find out how SearchStax Studio works with multiple CMS platforms, including Sitecore, Drupal, Acquia and AEM. Plus get your questions answered by one of our site search experts.

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