Fully-Managed Solr-as-a-Service for Public or Private Clouds

Global Clusters

Support for more than 60 regions across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

High Availability

Multi-node clusters with fault tolerance architecture. Cross-region Backup and Disaster Recovery options for mission-critical apps.

Uptime and Support SLA for mission-critical applications

Uptime and response time SLA guarantees, 24x7, <30 minute response time.


Run your search infrastructure on any cloud - ours or yours - including AWS, Azure, and Google.

Designed for developer productivity

Build applications faster without losing control using automation, APIs, and Webhooks.


Built-in security controls, features, and processes to meet compliance standards.

Cloud Automation

Setup, configure, deploy and expand your search applications with ease. Go from one node to many in a matter of minutes with no downtime. Our web interface allows you to orchestrate and automate all of the critical operational tasks you currently perform manually.

Managed Solr in the Cloud

Continuous Backups and Disaster Recovery

Create on-demand or scheduled backups of your deployments. SearchStax Managed Solr provides multiple disaster recovery options to meet your RPO and RTO objectives of your business.​

Security and Compliance

Developer APIs, Integrations and Webhooks

SearchStax’s extensive APIs provide teams with the resources necessary to seamlessly integrate Managed Solr into applications, tools, and systems.

See SearchStax Managed Solr in Action