SOLR cloud automation

Get Solr cloud automation and automate the deployment, management and scaling of your Solr clusters.

Get more efficient with your Solr infrastructure

Control the installation, configuration and management of Solr deployments using the SearchStax Managed Search portal

Accelerate Solr Cloud Automation using SearchStax APIs

SearchStax has APIs that let you automate most Solr management tasks, including:

Protect your Solr infrastructure with regular backups

SearchStax lets you back up your Solr data, configurations and any custom plugins.

Scheduled backups can be done as frequently as once per hour and manual backups can be performed on demand.

Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plan deployments receive complimentary daily backups.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Solr Monitoring and Alerting

What APIs does SearchStax Managed Search provide?
Why do Solr backups fail?

A “backup” is a copy of the deployment’s configuration files, index files, and any .JAR files that are needed. Any condition that interferes with copying these files can produce a backup failure:

  • Some of these events are temporary and will correct themselves
  • Some can be cleared by the user or by support
  • Some mean that you have outgrown your deployment and need to upgrade.

Learn more about why Solr backups fail?

What is involved in setting up and managing Solr?

There are five key steps for setting up Solr in a cloud infrastructure:

  1. Building clusters
  2. Monitoring and alerting
  3. Log management
  4. Backup setup and testing
  5. Building disaster recovery

Once the initial setup and Solr deployment is completed, there are several ongoing management and support activities that must be addressed, including:

  1. Scaling
  2. Upgrades
  3. Backup and recovery
  4. Production support

In our whitepaper, Why SearchStax is Better than DIY Solr Infrastructure, we provide a detailed step-by-step comparison between using SearchStax and DIY.


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