Whitepaper: Why Managed Solr is Better than DIY for Solr Infrastructure

Setting up and managing Solr infrastructure in the cloud is hard. Get a detailed comparison of the time and effort it takes to setup and maintain high availability Solr. You'll be surprised to see how much time can be saved with Managed Solr compared to doing it yourself.

Why Managed Solr is Better than DIY for Solr Infrastructure

For search-based applications, there have typically been two options to develop, manage and maintain a Solr Infrastructure – Do-it-yourself or DIY (or DIY with an agency) or buy it by purchasing a completed solution from a third party.

In this white paper, we’ll do a step-by-step comparison between doing it yourself and using SearchStax Managed Solr. We review the typical projects you’ll need to take on as part of building a search application, detail the steps, and approximate a level of effort for each one. The significant saving with Managed Solr are eye-opening when you consider everything it takes to achieve high availability Solr.

SearchStax manages the most trusted Solr footprint in the world, supporting companies of all sizes.

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