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Whether your organization is a startup or a large enterprise, SearchStax’s professional services team provides the expertise to accelerate the success of your projects. With deep technical search-related knowledge and experience, our Solr experts help drive success at all stages of application development and digital transformation with Apache Solr.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“The SearchStax team has deep Solr and Elasticsearch expertise. During the course of their engagement with us, they helped us identify improvement opportunities with pinpoint accuracy by using the SearchStax pixel. Ultimately, this resulted in 86% reduction in Elasticsearch hosting cost on AWS and a greater than 85% improvement in search query performance.”

— Muddassar Shaikh, Director of Engineering

“We’d chosen Apache Solr for our search platform and it was the first time the company was going to run a Solr project in production. We had a short timeline and some very lofty goals to achieve, and SearchStax team was key in providing expertise and guiding the technical implementation of the project. It was great to have them there and the support was invaluable!”

—Manjunath Rao, Architect, Fortune 10 Insurance Company

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