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Free your team from Solr management headaches and remove the distractions of maintaining Solr. Trust SearchStax Managed Solr to improve security and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.

All the Features You Need for Production-Grade, Highly-Available Solr for AEM

Hosted Solr Features from SearchStax
Adobe Experience Manager Solr Architecture Diagram

True High Availability Architecture for AEM Solr

We manage one of the largest Solr deployments in the world. With over 15 years of Solr experience, we can handle out-of-the-box deployments to enterprise, mission critical applications requiring high availability, performance, disaster recovery, failover, backups and enhanced security.

Reduce Your Project Risk from Solr

Vulnerability scans are performed quarterly. Solr instances are automatically updated with patches or upgrades as necessary.

Packages Sized to Meet all your Solr Needs

Add-ons are available for additional storage, scheduled backups, private environments, disaster recovery and enhanced security

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SearchStax Manages the Most Trusted Solr Footprint in the World

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We are not search experts and were looking for a vendor to provide expert guidance to our team. We felt that SearchStax was the right vendor who could fulfill that need and give us the solution confidence we were seeking for Solr search.

— Micah Ruge | Director Customer Enablement

See for yourself how easy it is to deploy, manage and scale Solr for AEM.

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