Hosted Solr
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Production-Grade, Hosted Solr Infrastructure for AEM - Adobe Experience Manager

SearchStax Managed Search provides highly available, fast and scalable Solr for AEM

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Cloud Automation Lets Developers Set Up and Deploy Hosted Solr Infrastructure for AEM in Minutes

Easily set up Serverless Solr indexes or configure Dedicated Solr Nodes or Clusters

Set up, configure, deploy and expand your search applications with ease. Go from one node to many in a matter of minutes with no downtime. Our web interface allows you to orchestrate and automate all of the critical operational tasks you currently perform manually.

Monitor the Health of Your Solr Deployments

Monitoring and Alerting makes it easy to stay on top of Solr infrastructure health

We’ve got your monitoring and alerting needs covered. Spend just a few minutes with SearchStax configuring the metrics and thresholds you want, type in where you want the alerts sent and you’re ready to keep a tab on your Solr health.

Maximize Uptime with Disaster Recovery and Backups

Multiple options to meet all business requirements and budgets

Choose from Cold, Warm and Hot SLA-backed disaster recovery options to meet your RPO and RTO objectives. Easily create on-demand or scheduled backups for your Solr deployments.

Enterprise-Grade Security for Solr Deployments

Reduce project risk from Solr and meet all security and compliance requirements

For greater levels of security, there is a bundled Security Pack add-on to address more stringent business requirements around sensitive personal, financial or medical information.

Accelerate Implementation with Plugins and APIs

SearchStax is Global, Proven and Trusted


We are not search experts and were looking for a vendor to provide expert guidance to our team. We felt that SearchStax was the right vendor who could fulfill that need and give us the solution confidence we were seeking.

MIcah Ruge
Director Customer Enablement | Calix


SearchStax makes hosted Solr infrastructure easy for AEM - Adobe Experience Manager