Managed Search

Managed Search Serverless

Build quickly and scale automatically with simple, scalable, and cost-effective Apache Solr as a Service

Drupal Ready

SearchStax provides a serverless Solr service that is Drupal ready.

Our service is designed to help developers easily deploy, manage, and scale Apache Solr search for Drupal sites. With SearchStax, you spend less time managing and supporting Solr on Drupal and more time building great search experiences for your users.

Why SearchStax Managed Search Serverless?

All the Benefits – None of the Headache

Managed Search Serverless abstracts away server, CPU, memory, and network provisioning and management so you can focus on building great web experiences.

Faster setup time, more flexibility, and seamless auto-scaling means a better development workflow and configuration management experience.

The Right Fit for Your Project

Over-provisioned search infrastructure leads to paying for idle resources. Managed Search Serverless automatically optimizes resources so you keep costs low.

Ideal for search-powered applications with low to medium data volume, intermittent or seasonal traffic, and long idle times for lower cost.

Fast and Flexible

Avoid long-term contracts or technical lock-ins. SearchStax provides the flexibility you need. You can stay agile without needing to capacity plan or add operational overhead.

Managed Search Serverless enables you to start building immediately without an up-front commitment.

Focus on Building, Not Managing Infrastructure

“SearchStax’s managed Solr offering – consisting of SearchStax Managed Search Serverless and SearchStax Managed Search – enables a broad array of search use cases across nearly all industries, and delivers the capabilities needed for any organization to scale and grow toward operational maturity faster, more securely, and within budget.”

Sameer Maggon, Founder & CEO | SearchStax

Test Drive Serverless Today

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