SearchStax Solr Service + Sitecore = Better Search Service

Easy, Reliable, Performant, and Scalable Solr Service

“We needed a Solr Service on Azure that’s fast and always available for our high traffic Sitecore site. We also didn’t want to have to utilize our engineers to manage and support our search infrastructure. SearchStax with their Solr as a Service and Managed Support has delivered on all of these needs.”

True High Availability Architecture

Continuous Backups and Disaster Recovery

Create on-demand or scheduled backups of your deployments. SearchStax provides various disaster recovery options to meet your RPO and RTO objectives.

Easy-Plugin and Integration Documentation

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Trusted by Sitecore’s Ecosystem (Partners, Customers, Community & Sitecore themselves)

100s of Sitecore deployments already use SearchStax. Plus SearchStax is the service that powers Solr for Sitecore Managed Cloud.

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