Site Search AnalyTics

SearchStax Studio provides the site search analytics you need to make informed decisions and improve the search experience

View Key Site Search Analytics

Get a quick view of key performance indicators or KPIs on the customizable dashboard -- and then dive into the details with Searches, Content, Relevance and Power Search

SearchStax Site Search Analytics Dashboard

Understand What Customers Are Looking For

View the most popular searches, searches without results or clicks and
get cues for making improvements

Analyze Site Search Engagement

Dive into the content volumes, clicks and click-through-rates to understand what users are searching for and which results meet their needs

Uncover Insights to Improve Relevance​

Review average click positions, click counts and conversions to see where you need to make your content more relevant to customers​

Explore Data On Any Dimension​

Use Power Search to filter your data anyway you want to with the easy-to-use interface to gain even deeper insights and export the results

Drill Into Individual Searches or Results​

Dive into an individual search or content item
to identify specific areas for improvement

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Download the white paper to see a comparison of site search analytics comparing Studio to Google Analytics

Site Search is critical to digital transformation success. See how SearchStax is leading the charge in driving momentum into the resurgence of search

The SearchStax Studio Site Analytics glossary is a summary of key terms and definitions used for analytics in Studio

Frequently Asked Questions
About Site Search Analytics

What Search Analytics are available with SearchStax Studio?
  • Total Searches
  • Searches with Clicks
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Average Search Latency (How long it took to return search results)
  • Average Click Position (The average position of the search results that had a click)
  • Percentage of No Results Searches
  • Metrics of Related Searches, including Clicks and CTR
  • Searches per Session
  • % Search Exits
  • Search Terms and How Many Unique Searches
  • Search Terms that had No Results and how many times the term was searched
  • Search Terms with No Clicks
  • Results that were the Most Clicked
  • Results that were the Least Clicked
  • Content Items – Impression Count, Click Count and Item Click-Through Rate
What are the benefits of SearchStax Studio Analytics vs. Google Analytics?

SearchStax Studio offer benefits for digital marketers looking to understand and improve their website content. Because Studio was built as a site search tool first and foremost, it is more user friendly and provides more in-depth site search metrics.

The key reasons include:

  1. Specifically built to run and analyze the website search experience
  2. Intuitive dashboard that shows key metrics that can help create actionable steps to improving web content
  3. Customizable reports by filtering searches and content items based on key metrics

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