Key Issues with Solr high Availability

Karan Jeet Singh, SearchStax Sr. Solutions Architect, discusses the Key Issues with Solr High Availability and how SearchStax can help.


Why is High Availability so hard when it comes to Solr?


High Availability in Solr is hard because of the architecture you have to spin up and maintain. Nowadays, everyone is so used to the fact that they can just go to one of the cloud providers, ask them to spin up a service, and then they can just start consuming it. That’s why Solr sometimes becomes such a hindrance because you not only need to know how to manually spin up and configure all the different machines for Solr and Zookeeper, and then a load balancer on top, you also need to be skilled enough in Solr to troubleshoot the issues that you run into when running a highly available Solr cluster.

Then you can have another layer of complexity if you need a multi-region Solr cluster. 

In SearchStax Cloud, if you go to our portal and create a deployment, you will get a high availability Solr, running in a single region. But you can add another layer of complexity by having disaster recovery, which will essentially allow you to have a multi-region cluster, where you can have two production-grade environments running in two different regions serving traffic from different parts of the world, both in sync with data flowing between them. Achieving that kind of architecture is super complicated. It’s not an easy job to do, and maintaining and operationalizing all of that is difficult. Some people may just spin up two Solr nodes in two different regions, call it a day, and say that they have high availability, but achieving true high availability is quite complicated.


How does SearchStax help?


SearchStax helps in two ways:
First, by allowing people to spin up Highly available Solr clusters at the click of a button. 
Secondly, by having a robust team of operations engineers who can maintain this kind of complicated architecture. 

This is where SearchStax truly excels … our operations team.

Solr operation isn’t easy, because you need a team of people who are skilled in cloud operations, networking, and Solr to effectively maintain a Solr environment. Our operations team is cloud agnostic, they don’t care about which cloud provider you’re using, and they’re highly skilled in maintaining Solr. They have a robust set of tools that they use to keep an eye on these different architectures and make sure that they’re always working, they’re always in sync, they’re always up, and they are maintaining the uptime guarantees that we offer. 

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