Searchstax Managed Search Overview

Watch a short overview video of why you need our Solr infrastructure management solution for IT Managers and Developers.

SearchStax Managed Search service automates, manages and scales hosted Solr infrastructure in public or private clouds. Free up developers for value-added tasks and reduce costs with fewer incidents.

Check out these resources for learning more about Managed Search:

Are you tired of the constant stress to keep your Solr infrastructure running smoothly?

Frustrated by lost time, unplanned maintenance and costly outages, meet SearchStax, the brand trusted by IT managers for flexible, reliable and secure, cloud based Solr service.

With SearchStax Managed Search, transitioning your existing solar configurations and files is seamless, freeing your team to focus on what really matters, innovation and growth.

Our advanced reporting tools and dashboards offer a comprehensive view of your Solr infrastructure, ensuring peak performance without the hands-on hassle and when traffic spikes, rest easy, knowing search stacks can automatically scale to meet demand.

Say goodbye to the headaches of software and server setup, patching and the nightmare of maintaining high availability, our Solr experts handle it all so your IT team can launch new projects instead of being bogged down by maintenance, elevate your search experience and leave Solr infrastructure to us.