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The Analytics Searches screen summarizes the user actions that the Search App has accumulated over the selected time period. 

Analytics Searches Statistics Table
  • Total Sessions: Total search sessions during the selected time period.
  • Total Searches: There can be multiple searches per session.
  • Searches per Session: Total Searches divided by Total Sessions.
  • % Search Exits: Percent of sessions that ended from the search page.
  • Searches with Clicks: Number of searches that ended with a click-through event.
  • Click-Through Rate: Percent of Total Searches that ended in a click-through event.
  • Average Click Position: Average of the positions of the items that were clicked in the list of results.
  • % No Results: Percent of Total Searches that produced zero results.
  • MRR: Mean Reciprocal Rank. The average of 1/Click Position for all click-through events. It normalizes the score to the range 0 to 1, with 1 being best.

Scroll down a screen to find a table of the keywords used in the most popular searches recorded during the time interval. 

Keywords of most-popular searches
  • Searches: Keywords typed into the search field.
  • Search Count: Number of times this term was submitted in the designated time interval.
  • Of Total: Percent of all searches in the time interval that used this keyword.

Click on an item to see results that users eventually selected. 

Analytics Selected Items

The summary statistics across the top of the page are:

  • Total Searches: Total Number of Search Requests in the selected time interval. These include searches with results and searches with no results
  • Total Searches with Clicks: Total Number of Searches with at least one click on a result item.
  • Total Clicks: Total Number of clicks on the Search Results that were shown to the user
  • Click-through Rate: The percentage of tracked searches that generated at least one click on a result. Mathematically it is (Number of searches with at least 1 click / Total Searches) * 100
  • Average Click Position: Average of the positions of the impressions that were clicked in the list of results

The Search Details display tells us that six users typed in “disaster recovery.” Of those, four users clicked on one of the results. 

  • Item Title: The title of a document that users clicked after searching for the keyword.
  • Impression Count: The number of times that this item was presented to users in search results.
  • Average Click Position: Average position of this item when users selected it.
  • Click Count: Number of times users clicked this item.
  • Click Through Rate: Percent of clicks divided by Impression Count.

Use the browser’s “back” button to return to the Analytics – Search page. Scroll down another screen to view the list of keywords that were used in No Result Searches. (Users looked for something that isn’t in your index.)

SearchStax SearchStudio

Scroll down one more screen to view the list of searches that produced results, but the user didn’t click on anything. 

SearchStax SearchStudio

See our Analytics Glossary for a list of all SearchStax Studio metrics.


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