Spell Check Tab

SearchStudio > Relevance > Basic Relevance > Spell Check Tab

The Spell Check Tab of SearchStudio’s Basic Relevance screen lets us take a search keyword and apply a closeness algorithm to locate similar-looking words in the index (Data Driven) or in a custom list (Dictionary Driven). 

When a query returns zero results, the Spell Check feature suggests an alternate spelling. The following image shows a spelling correction from the Search Preview screen.

Site Search Spell Check Tab

Spellcheck may be Data Driven or it may be Dictionary Driven. If data-driven, SearchStudio consults the contents of a field pre-selected by the user. When a query returns zero results, SearchStudio attempts to find a word in that field that resembles the user’s current input. 

If dictionary-driven, SearchStudio uses a spellcheck dictionary that you provide. 

You can build the dictionary one word at a time, or you can upload a .CSV or .TXT file. Individual words should be separated by a comma or by whitespace (such as newline). When you upload a file, it appends words to the previous list. Duplicate entries are ignored.