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The SearchStax Site Search solution has an easy-to-use interface for updating, enhancing and managing the site search experience for your website.

  • Results Configuration – lets you manage the fields that will be displayed in your search results, select your search facets and define the options for sorting search results
  • Basic Relevance – provides an interface to manage stopwords, synonyms and spellcheck for your search experience
  • Relevance Modeling – lets you define a Relevance Model to set up the behavior of your search experience using the following features:
    • Search Fields – identify the fields that will be used to determine the search results
    • Global Filters – create Include and Exclude filters to partition your index and focus your search results on relevant results
    • Ranking – use the sliders to determine which fields or calculated fields are emphasized in the search results
    • Rules – modify the search results with Rules to finetune the search results
    • Promotions – create internal or external promotions to ‘promote’ specific content to the top of the search results and shape a better search experience for your users

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