UX Accelerator Overview

The UX Accelerator is a set of prebuilt tools that make it easy to set up a search page that uses all of the features of SearchStax Studio.

  • SearchJS module: SearchJS provides a Vue.js Based Search Interface to integrate with your Search App. It provides interface to:
    • Allow users to be able to search using keywords
    • Ability to show search results in grid or list format
    • Built in analytics tracking – tracking searches and clicks
    • Search with auto-suggest/ auto-complete feature
    • Show facets (refinements) as configured in the Studio
    • Pagination of search results and ability to sort by relevance and date
    • Show did-you-mean suggestions for misspellings
    • Ability to apply transformation functions to show fields
  • AutoSuggestJS module: The SearchStax UX accelerator provides a lightweight pure javascript widget to show a simple search icon and searchbox on your website. When the search is fired, the widget redirects to your actual search page.
  • Feedback widget: SearchStudio offers a special widget that you can optionally install on your application search page to encourage visitors to leave feedback about the search experience.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.