Searchstax ResultWidget Angular

The SearchStax Site Search solution offers an Angular results widget to assist with you custom search page.

The SearchstaxResultsWidget for Angular component displays the search results.


Import the component:

import { SearchstaxResultsWidget } from '@searchstax-inc/searchstudio-ux-angular';

Add it to the template:



  • afterLinkClick: Callback function triggered when a result link is clicked. Used to modify the clicked result.
  • noResultsTemplate: TemplateRef to override the default no results UI.
  • resultsTemplate: TemplateRef to override the default results UI.


  • searchResults: Array of result objects.
  • metadata: Object containing search metadata like spelling suggestions etc.
  • searchTerm: The search term for which results are displayed.


  • resultClicked(): Handles click on a result link. Calls afterLinkClick if defined.
  • isImage(): Checks if a field contains an image.

Template Binding Properties

The noResultsTemplate provides the following properties:

  • metadata: Search metadata object.
  • searchTerm: Search term entered by user.

The resultsTemplate provides:

  • searchResults: Array of result objects.
  • resultClicked: Method to handle result click.
  • isImage: Method to check for image.
  • context: Component instance context.

See Example of Results Widget for Angular


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.