Searchstax ResultWidget Angular

The SearchstaxResultsWidget for Angular component displays the search results.


Import the component:

import { SearchstaxResultsWidget } from '@searchstax-inc/searchstudio-ux-angular';

Add it to the template:



  • afterLinkClick: Callback function triggered when a result link is clicked. Used to modify the clicked result.
  • noResultsTemplate: TemplateRef to override the default no results UI.
  • resultsTemplate: TemplateRef to override the default results UI.


  • searchResults: Array of result objects.
  • metadata: Object containing search metadata like spelling suggestions etc.
  • searchTerm: The search term for which results are displayed.


  • resultClicked(): Handles click on a result link. Calls afterLinkClick if defined.
  • isImage(): Checks if a field contains an image.

Template Binding Properties

The noResultsTemplate provides the following properties:

  • metadata: Search metadata object.
  • searchTerm: Search term entered by user.

The resultsTemplate provides:

  • searchResults: Array of result objects.
  • resultClicked: Method to handle result click.
  • isImage: Method to check for image.
  • context: Component instance context.

See Example of Results Widget for Angular


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.