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The SearchStax Managed Search service helps users across the globe deploy and scale reliable Solr infrastructure with ease, within minutes.

SearchStax Managed Search has two products available:

  • Serverless Solr Service – Serverless Solr is a deployment model where Apache Solr is hosted and managed in a serverless computing environment. Our usage-based plans offer high-availability and low total cost of ownership for single-index projects without the need to provision, configure, manage and maintain Solr deployments.  
  • Dedicated Solr Deployments – Dedicated Managed Solr deployments include Support and Hardware tier-based plans offering full access to Solr environments and are ideal for multi-index projects. Features includes access to high end features such as Disaster Recovery, Private Clouds, Monitoring and Alerting, On-Demand Scaling and Multi-Cloud/Multi-Region coverage.

The SearchStax Help Center is a collection of over 100 Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs for SearchStax Managed Search Dedicated deployments organized into key topical areas and include common questions that we have answered over the years.