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SearchStax Cloud helps users across the globe deploy and scale reliable Solr infrastructure with ease, within minutes.

SearchStax Cloud has two products available:

  • Serverless Solr Service – Serverless Solr is a deployment model where Apache Solr is hosted and managed in a serverless computing environment. Our usage-based plans offer high-availability and low total cost of ownership for single-index projects without the need to provision, configure, manage and maintain Solr deployments.  
  • Dedicated Solr Deployments – Dedicated Managed Solr deployments include Support and Hardware tier-based plans offering full access to Solr environments and are ideal for multi-index projects. Features includes access to high end features such as Disaster Recovery, Private Clouds, Monitoring and Alerting, On-Demand Scaling and Multi-Cloud/Multi-Region coverage.

The SearchStax Help Center is a collection of over 100 Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs for SearchStax Cloud Dedicated deployments organized into key topical areas and include common questions that we have answered over the years.