SearchStax Private Cloud Google


The SearchStax Managed Search service offers highly-secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployments using Google Cloud Provider (GCP).

Security and Compliance Benefits

A Google Virtual Private Cloud is a logically-isolated portion of a public cloud environment. It is a virtual network with specific rules for accessing other portions of the cloud and the Internet in general.

A VPC provides a highly-secure environment that prevents unauthorized access, DDoS and other threats that can compromise your application and network security. The heightened security of the VPC helps you honor your compliance commitments.

How does SearchStax Managed Search interact with your VPC to provide Solr services without compromising security?

VPC Peering

The VPC Peering Option deploys the Solr servers in a VPC. This VPC communicates with your application VPC through VPC-peering.

This guarantees that all of the operational aspects of managing Apache Solr are handled by SearchStax personnel. SearchStax engineers do not need access to your VPC.

SearchStax Google VPC


SearchStax pricing for VPC Peering includes one terabyte (TB) of network bandwidth usage per month. Usage beyond this limit will incur an addition fee.

Contact Us

To implement a SearchStax Private Cloud on Google Cloud Provider, contact the SearchStax Support Desk. Please include the following information:

  • Which GCP region?
  • How many deployments (and nodes) do you plan to build?

This will initiate a dialog about pricing and technical details.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.