SearchStax Cloud Free Trial

SearchStax Cloud offers a “free trial” program for prospective customers. You can experiment for up to two weeks, free of charge. No credit card is required for the duration of your free trial.

SearchStax Cloud Trial Deployments

SearchStax offers two types of Solr environments:

  • Serverless Indexes: Simple and securable read/write endpoints are provided for a single index. Great for low-to-medium workloads for a single index using a High-Availablity Solr service.
  • Dedicated Deployments: This architecture is for industrial-strength systems that need high-availability, backups, alert monitoring, disaster recovery, and uptime guarantees. It is especially suitable for coordinated multi-index systems such as Sitecore and Drupal.

You may try both (one of each) in your Free Trial.

Serverless Solr Service

As a free-trial user, you can create one Serverless Solr Service (at a time). The free-trial index uses Solr 8.11.1. There is one specification available:

  • Starter: 10K requests per month; 100 MB index size.

You may use any of these configurations:

  • Basic Configuration: The Solr default configuration.
  • Sitecore: A configuration generally compatible with a Sitecore index.
  • Drupal: A configuration generally compatible with a Drupal index.
  • Custom Configuration: Upload your own configset as a .zip file.

It takes about thirty seconds for the system to deploy a new Serverless Index.

Dedicated Deployments

As a free-trial user, you may create one dedicated deployment (at a time) for evaluation. These free-trial deployments available:

  • AWS NDN1: Amazon Web Services, single-node, 1 GB memory, 8 GB storage.
  • AWS NDN2: Amazon Web Services, single-node, 2 GB memory, 16 GB storage.
  • AWS NDC4: Amazon Web Services, two-node cluster, 4 GB memory, 32 GB storage.
  • Azure NDN2: Microsoft Azure, single-node, 2 GB memory, 16 GB storage.
  • Azure NDC4: Microsoft Azure, two-node cluster, 4 GB memory, 32 GB storage.

It usually takes five minutes to set up a single-node deployment, and up to fifteen minutes to set up a cluster using AWS. For Azure, setup times can be longer. Feel free to explore our documentation and our Help Center while you wait.

Providers, Regions, Deployments, and Prices

Please contact us for more information on SearchStax cloud providers, regions, and available Solr versions.

Sign Up for Trial Account

To sign up for a SearchStax Cloud free trial, go to the SearchStax Free-Trial page. Fill in the enrollment form.

SearchStax will send you a confirmation message to verify your email address. You must click on a link before you can log in to your trial account.

Evaluate SearchStax Cloud

Our SearchStax Cloud Quick Start pages presents instructions on setting up and provisioning your first cloud deployment.

Technical Support During Free Trial

We want you to succeed, so of course we offer support. See How to File a Support Request.

Become a SearchStax Customer!

Becoming a SearchStax customer is as easy as entering a credit-card number. On the SearchStax dashboard, go to the Billing and Payments tab.

From the moment we receive your billing information, you become a SearchStax customer entitled to SILVER level support.

Cancelling the Free Trial

To cancel your free trial, navigate to the User Preferences tab of the SearchStax dashboard. Click the big red button.

Deleted Deployments

When a Free Trial is cancelled or expires, the deployment and collections are automatically deleted. They cannot thereafter be restored by any means.

Billing Details

SearchStax’s policies regarding free-trial billing are:

  • If you let the 14 days run out, we close the account and delete the deployment automatically. You will not be billed.
  • If you cancel the free trial by deleting the account, you will not be billed.
  • For paying customers, billing begins at the moment you give us your credit-card number. You will not be billed for your “free trial” activities up to that moment.

Month-to-Month vs. Annual Commitment

The prices shown when creating a new deployment in SearchStax are the month-to-month self-service rates. Lower rates apply to annual and three-year commitments. See our SearchStax Cloud pricing details for more information.