SearchStax Cloud User Management

Complex projects require a fine division of user roles for supervision, development, and security. SearchStax Cloud allows the account owner to invite assistants in multiple roles to meet this need.


SearchStax User Roles

By default, the person who opens the SearchStax account is the “Owner” of the account. This user can invite other users to participate in the account, up to a limit imposed by the account’s Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)

Features of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus SLAs are available on the SearchStax SearchStax Cloud Pricing page.

SearchStax Pricing

The owner may assign each user to a role, which grants or denies specific powers to that user.

  • Owner: The Owner has full control. This is the only user who can terminate the account or transfer ownership to another user. There can be only one Owner at a time.
  • Admin: An Admin has full access to technical features, users, and billing information.
  • Technical Contact: This role has full technical access, but cannot modify users or billing information.
  • Billing Member: The Billing Contact has access to credit-card and billing information only.
  • Team Member: The Team Member is a read-only role. This user can view but not make changes.

Account Management

These are the account-management permissions associated with the user roles.

User Role:OwnerAdminTechnical ContactBilling MemberTeam Member
Terminate AccountYesNoNoNoNo
Transfer OwnershipYesNoNoNoNo
Add/Remove UsersYesYesNoNoNo
Manage BillingYesYesNoYesNo

Dedicated Deployments

This table explains the permissions of the user roles when operating on Dedicated Deployments.

User Role:OwnerAdminTechnical ContactBilling MemberTeam Member
Manage DeploymentsYesYesYesNoNo
Provisioning APIYesYesYesNoNo
Sitecore PluginYesYesYesNoNo
Basic Auth, IP FilteringYesYesYesNoNo
Third-Party IntegrationYesYesYesNoNo
Manage AlertsYesYesYesNoNo
View Alerts/IncidentsYesYesYesNoYes
Pulse MetricsYesYesYesNoYes

Serverless Indexes

The following table explains the permissions of the user roles in a Serverless Index deployment.

User Role: Owner Admin Technical Contact Billing Member Team Member
Manage Indexes Yes Yes Yes No No
Manage Configuration Files & Schema Yes Yes Yes No No
Provisioning API Yes Yes Yes No No
Logs Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Managing Users

The account’s Owner and the Admins can manage the users of the account. This includes:

  • Add users to this account.
  • Transfer ownership.
  • Change a user’s role.
  • Delete users from the account.

Adding Users

The Owner and the Admins can add users to the account. (A user can have access to multiple accounts, but will have to be added to each account separately.)

The maximum number of users per account is determined by your Service Level Agreement (SLA). The Silver (self-service, pay-as-you-go) SLA permits the account owner plus one other. Premium support plans provide for various numbers of users. See We need more SearchStax users! for details.

It is possible to add SearchStax users to an account for $10/user/month. Contact the SearchStax Support Desk to explore this possibility.

To add a new user to an account:

  • Navigate to Settings > Users in the navigation bar at the left edge of the screen.
  • Click on Add User.
  • Fill out the user enrollment form:
SearchStax User Enrollment

The system sends a welcoming email message inviting the new user to register with SearchStax. The registration link is good for 24 hours. If the prospective user lets the time run out, the Admin can reissue the invitation using the Bulk Actions menu described below.

Transfer Ownership

The Owner can Transfer Ownership of the account to another user who is enrolled in the same account.

  • Navigate to Settings > Users in the navigation bar at the left edge of the screen.
  • Click on Transfer Ownership.
  • Select the new owner from a list:
SearchStax Transfer Owner

Change a User’s Role

Either the Owner or an Admin can change the role of a current user using the Bulk User Actions menu described below.

Deleting a User

Only an Admin can delete a user from an account. Note that this revokes a user’s access to that account, but does not delete the user from the system. The user might still have access to other accounts.

To delete a user:

  • Click on Users in the navigation sidebar.
  • Click the red Delete button next to the appropriate user.
  • You will be redirected to a confirmation screen, where you can click on Sure, delete this user in order to proceed.

Bulk User Actions

The Bulk Actions menu is available to the Owner and Admins only. The menu is inactive until you check one of the boxes beside the user names.

The Owner or Admin can perform the following actions on one or more users simultaneously:

  • Delete users: Delete the selected users from the current SearchStax account.
  • Set Roles: Give selected users a new role.
  • Resend invitation: Re-invite a user who did not respond to the welcome email within 24 hours.

Updating User Preferences


Any user in can change his/her contact information and preferences on the Account Settings screen.

From the SearchStax Dashboard, click on User Preferences.

Edit the information in the form below:

Note that you cannot change your verified email address. For that, please contact SearchStax Support.


See also Change Your Password.

To change a password, click the Password tab and fill out the form.

Single Sign-On

Please see the Single Sign-On page for detailed instructions.

Two-Factor Authentication

Please see Two-Factor Authentication for detailed instructions.


The Notifications tab lets you opt out of the courtesy emails that SearchStax sends to announce SLA compliance, new deployments, scheduled maintenance, and failed backups.


Do not hesitate to reach out to the SearchStax Support Desk. We always strive to improve our service!