Solr Deployments – SearchStax Overview SearchStax® Managed Solr lets you create as many deployments as you require for the unique needs of your Solr-based applications. When you create a deployment

Securing Deployments

Securing Solr Deployments – SearchStax SearchStax® Managed Solr takes the security of your Solr search infrastructure very seriously. We have built-in industry-standard security at the level of the cluster, network

Log Files

Solr Log Files – SearchStax SearchStax® Managed Solr log files help you tune Solr performance and isolate potential bugs in your application. The SearchStax Help Center references many typical errors

Adding Custom JARs

Custom Jars (Java Archive) for Solr – SearchStax SearchStax® Managed Solr deployments support custom JAR files. This lets us add custom analyzers, tokenizers, query parsers, and other plugins to Solr


Solr Deployment Backups – SearchStax Users of SearchStax® Managed Solr can back up their deployments manually or on a repeating schedule. Admins only! Account Admins are the only users who