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Analytics displays refresh every hour!

The Site Search analytics tables and graphs update once per hour.

A SearchStax Site Search solution’s Search App is a database that collects user search events from your search page. The Analytics – Power Search screen lets you filter this collection of keywords and content items. You can set up filters using the drop-down fields at the top of the screen. After selecting a time period, you can search for either Searches (keywords) or Items.

For Searches, we can filter for six search-related metrics. The form offers six inequality tests and a number input field.

Power Search for Searches


  • Search Count: Number of searches in the selected time period that used this keyword.
  • Hits: Number of items that match this search.
  • Click Count: Number of click-through events resulting from these searches.
  • Average Click Position: Average position of the result item that received a click-through event.
  • Click-Through Rate: Percent of searches that received a click-through event.
  • Latency: Average time to process a search.

For Items, we can filter for three metrics:

Power Search for Items
  • Impression Count: Number of times this item was presented to users as a search result.
  • Click Count: Number of times a user clicked on this item.
  • Item Click-Through Rate: Percent of Impressions that received a click-through event.

At the far right of the line are two buttons:    The (+) button lets us apply multiple filters simultaneously. The search button (magnifying glass) executes the current search. 

A successful search produces a table of keywords or items. Note that you can sort the table by column, which opens up some powerful insights into the data. You can also Export the table as a .CSV file.

Sorting Power Search Results

You can click-through to a Search Details or Item Details screen as needed. 

See our Analytics Glossary for a list of all SearchStax Site Search metrics.


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.