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The SearchStax Site Search solution’s Search Preview screen lets you see your published Basic Relevance configurations and Relevance Models perform against your search index. 

Near the top of the screen is the query field combined with a list of published Relevance Models. Click the pencil icon to choose the model you want to test.

Select a Relevance Model

“Preview Model” means to use this model in the Search Preview screen. 

Then type a query into the search field and click the magnifying glass icon. 

Search Preview Screen

After the initial search, you can see the number of results, the list of results and their field values, and the facet lists. 

The exciting thing is to then switch to a different Relevance Model and perform the same search. Did you get the same results, or did one of the models work better than the other?

Taking it up a level, you can return to the Basic Relevance and Relevance Modeling interfaces and make changes in the search behavior. Publish the changes and return here to the Search Preview page. Repeat the searches and see the changes you made applied in real time!  

That’s the payoff of Site Search. Tweak the search experience and try it out. Tweak it again and try that out–and all without writing a scrap of code. 


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.