Frequent Questions about Drupal and SearchStax Site Search

Prospective Drupal clients of the SearchStax Site Search solution often ask us these questions.

How does SearchStax Site Search handle custom entities?

A typical use of a Drupal custom entity would be to add a text field to a comment. If the added field is to be indexed or returned by Solr, it will have to be added to the Solr schema.

Drupal creates a custom schema for these added fields. From SearchStax Site Search, we just reload the schema and we are able to present it.

There are some clients whose custom entities are wrapped in Taxonomies. These clients have a Drupal expert who knows how to get the English text equivalent as a separate field and then push that to Solr and SearchStax Site Search.

How can we address the numbers on how facets display?

Facets are lists of field values on the search page that let you “drill down” to a smaller set of results.

If they are using our SearchStax Site Search’s facet tools, they will just not use the Drupal Facet Component and index the relevant fields as strings.

Some clients choose to not use our facet tools, but rely on the Drupal Facet Component. In that case, faceting is controlled by that component but the filters when selected do get applied on Site Search side.


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