Searchstax PaginationWidget React

The SearchStax Site Search solution offers a React pagination widget to assist with you custom search page.

The SearchstaxPaginationWidget for React displays pagination controls for search results.


<SearchstaxPaginationWidget />


  • paginationTemplate – Renders custom pagination UI.


Customize the pagination UI.

It receives:

  • paginationData – Pagination data object
  • nextPage – Handles next page click
  • previousPage – Handles previous page click


  paginationTemplate={(paginationData, nextPage, previousPage) => (
      {/* Custom pagination UI */}

      <button onClick={previousPage}>Prev</button>

      <button onClick={nextPage}>Next</button>

The paginationData object contains:

  • totalResults – Total number of results
  • startResultIndex – Start index of current page
  • endResultIndex – End index of current page
  • isFirstPage – Whether on first page
  • isLastPage – Whether on last page


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.