Analytics Glossary

This is a glossary of analytics metrics reported by the SearchStax Site Search solution.

Total SearchesTotal Number of Search Requests in the selected time interval. These include searches with results and searches with no results
No Result SearchesTotal Number of Searches that resulted in zero results.
Searches with ResultsTotal Number of Searches that resulted in 1 or more results being shown to the user
ImpressionsResults shown to the user as the result of a search
HitsNumber of items that match this search.
Total Searches with ClicksTotal Number of Searches with at least one click on a result item.
Total ClicksTotal Number of clicks on the Search Results that were shown to the user
Click-Through RateClick-Through Rate is the percentage of tracked searches that generated at least one click on a result.
Mathematically it is (Number of searches with at least 1 click / Total Searches) * 100
Searches with ClicksTotal Number of Searches that resulted in a Click Through Event
Avg Click PositionAverage of the positions of the impressions that were clicked in the list of results
Average Search LatencyAverage Latency across all Searches
Total SessionsTotal number of user sessions when a search was fired. A user can execute multiple searches in a session.
Searches per SessionNumber of Searches per session.
Mathematically, it is Total Searches / Total Sessions
Search ExitsThe number of searches made immediately before leaving the site
% Search ExitsSearch Exits / Total Unique Searches
% No ResultsPercent of Total Searches that produced zero results.
MRRMean Reciprocal Rank. The average of 1/Click Position for all click-through events. It normalizes the score to the range 0 to 1, with 1 being best.
Total ImpressionsTotal Number of Impressions shown across all searches
Total ClicksTotal Number of Clicks that were made on the shown impressions
Item Click-Through RatePercentage of Total Impressions that received a click-through event.
Mathematically, it is  (Total Clicks / Total Impressions) * 100
Searches with Related SearchesNumber of total searches that offered at least one Related Search.
Related Searches with ClicksNumber of Related Searches that were launched by the search user.
Related Searches Click-Through Rate“Related Searches with Clicks” divided by “Searches with Related Searches” x 100.


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