Synonyms Tab

Studio > Relevance > Basic Relevance > Synonyms Tab

The Synonyms Tab of SearchStax Studio’s Basic Relevance screen lets the Business User edit the list of keyword synonyms.

Synonyms are Literal Strings

Solr synonyms must be literal strings. They do not support any kind of regex or wildcard operations.

You can upload a synonym list using the Browse button. When you upload a file, it appends words to the previous list. Duplicate entries are ignored.  

Some synonyms are one-way (this word implies that synonym), while others are symmetrical (each word implies the other). For example, when the user types in “William,” also search for “Bill” at the same time. (But when they type in “Bill”, don’t search for “William”. It might be a phone bill.)

When the user types in either “lose” or “loose”, search for both. 

When they type “Tom”, search for multiple alternatives.

The (+) button on the right adds the synonym to the list of synonyms. 

Highlight an item in the list and click the trash can button to delete it. Use the cloud icon on the right to download the list of synonyms. 


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.