Search Experience Overview Studio > Search Experience > Overview SearchStax Studio has an easy-to-use interface for updating, enhancing and managing the site search experience for your website. Questions or Need… Continue reading Overview


Analytics & Insights Overview Studio > Analytics > Overview One of the key benefits of SearchStax Studio is the robust site search analytics provided by the application. Explore the detailed… Continue reading Overview


SearchStax Studio Dashboard Studio > Analytics > Dashboard Analytics – Dashboard is the landing page for entering the SearchStax Studio. It displays summary statistics for the selected Search App. To… Continue reading Dashboard


Searches Studio > Analytics > Searches The Analytics Searches screen summarizes the user actions that the Search App has accumulated over the selected time period.  Scroll down a screen to… Continue reading Searches


Items Studio > Analytics > Items The Analytics – Items screen presents insights on the content that mattered most, least, and that did not interest the viewer. It shows lists… Continue reading Items

Power Search

Power Search Studio > Analytics > Power Search A Search App is a database that collects user search events from your search page. The Analytics – Power Search screen lets… Continue reading Power Search

Search Feedback

Search Feedback Studio > Analytics > Search Feedback The Search Feedback page summarizes and tabulates the user feedback messages from your company’s Search Page, as collected by the Feedback Widget. … Continue reading Search Feedback

Analytics Glossary

Analytics Glossary This is a glossary of analytics metrics reported by SearchStax Studio. Description Example Total Searches Total Number of Search Requests in the selected time interval. These include searches… Continue reading Analytics Glossary