Global Filters

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Precedence of Features

A Relevance Model applies Global Filters first, then Ranking, followed by Rules, and finally Promotions.

The Global Filters Tab of SearchStax Studio’s Model Details screen lets you add both Include and Exclude filters to place limits on your search results. This is a powerful tool for partitioning your index and focusing the search on relevant material.

  • Include patterns require a result item to match a field value to be displayed to the search user.
    • A single Include pattern can list multiple ORed values (“red OR white OR blue”). A search result must match one of these values to be displayed to the search user.
    • Multiple Include entries are ANDed. A result item must match at least one value from each entry to be displayed to the search user..
  • Exclude filters suppress search items that match a specific field and value. Multiple exclude filters are ORed. Any entry that matches excludes the result item from view.

It is not possible to include and exclude the same field. A maximum of 20 Include and Exclude entries can be added. (An include pattern with multiple ORd values still counts as only one of the 20.)

Global Filters Tab

To create a filter, select a Search Field, specify a matching Value, and click the (+) button. To delete a filter, click the associated (X) button.

Note the Reload Schema icon above the list of fields. If you can’t find a field in the list, try reloading the schema. Changes to your website’s Solr schema are not automatically updated in SearchStax Studio.

Reload Schema Icon

Do not forget to Save and Publish your changes if you want to see them in the Search Preview.


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