Multi-Language Experiences

Language-Specific Search Experiences Introduction A Search App can be configured to offer a Search Experience tailored to the viewer’s preferred language. Language-specific experiences can be configured for: Language Drupal Sitecore

Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu The SearchStudio Navigation Menu is where you create new SearchStudio Apps and navigate to the screens of the SearchStudio experience. It is normally collapsed to keep its footprint

Task List

SearchStudio > Analytics > Dashboard > Checkbox Icon The SearchStudio includes a To-Do list of tasks for users who are just getting started with their project. Open the navigation menu

Results Configuration

Results Configuration SearchStudio > Search > Results Configuration The Results Configuration screen helps you arrange the information that will appear on your search screen. Results and Display Tab – Choose

Results and Display Tab

Results and Display Tab SearchStudio > Search Experience > Results Configuration > Results and Display Tab The Results and Display Tab of SearchStudio’s Results Configuration screen lets you configure two

Faceting Tab

Faceting Tab SearchStudio > Search Experience > Results Configuration > Faceting Tab “Facets” are the lists of field values that appear on your application’s search page. The lists are populated

Sorting Tab

Sorting Tab SearchStudio > Search Experience > Results Configuration > Sorting Tab Search environments often let us sort the search results in multiple ways (such as by relevance, ratings, price,

Basic Relevance

Basic Relevance SearchStudio > Search > Basic Relevance The SearchStudio Basic Relevance lets the Business User influence incoming queries by applying stopwords, synonyms, and spelling correction. Stopwords Tab Synonyms Tab

Stopwords Tab

Stopwords Tab SearchStudio > Relevance > Basic Relevance > Stopwords Tab Stopwords are terms that degrade the keyword search, such as “and,” “the,” “of,” and so forth. There is no

Synonyms Tab

Synonyms Tab SearchStudio > Relevance > Basic Relevance > Synonyms Tab Sitecore and non-English synonyms Synonyms in non-English languages are currently not supported for Sitecore. The Synonyms Tab of SearchStudio’s