Rules Tab

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Precedence of Features

A Relevance Model applies Global Filters first, then Ranking, followed by Rules, and finally Promotions.

Rules are if-then tools that have both conditions and actions. They let us modify the search results based on a “trigger.” The Rules Tab of SearchStax Studio’s Model Details screen lets us create rules to boost relevance scores in certain specific circumstances.

In this case, the trigger is a word, “security,” found in the query. You can specify whether the query merely contains the trigger, or whether the query must exactly match the trigger phrase.  

There are four kinds of actions. We can use them in any combination:

  • The rule can apply a dynamic boost to a specific field.
  • The rule can apply dynamic filtering to the results list. 
  • The rule can remove the trigger phrase from the query and substitute a different phrase.
  • The rule can calculate a partial relevance score based on the value of a field.


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