Analytics & Insights Overview

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One of the key benefits of the SearchStax Site Search solution is the robust site search analytics provided by the application. Explore the detailed pages below to learn more about the site search analytics in Site Search:

  • Dashboard – the Site Search Analytics Dashboard is the starting point for understanding what is going on with search for your website
  • Searches – the Searches page provides high level analytics for searches on your website and then lets you dive into the the top searches, no result searches and searches with no clicks
  • Items – the Items page delivers insights around the content that was searched on your website including top level statistics for Total Impressions, Clicks and Click-Through Rate and then a listing of the Most Clicked and Least Clicked Content
  • Power Search – Power Search lets you create your own custom reports around Searches or Content, and then provides a way to export the reports as a .CSV file
  • Search Feedback – the Search Feedback page summarizes the user feedback ratings and comments if you are using the Feedback Widget on your search page
  • Analytics Glossary – the Analytics Glossary is a listing of the terms and definitions used by SearchStax Site Search


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