Search API Tab

Site Search > Navigation Pane > Search App > Settings > App Settings > Search API Tab.

The SearchStax Site Search solution’s Search API tab displays the Search, Update and Suggest Endpoints. Each has a copy button to easily copy to clipboard and curl examples provided.

  • Search Endpoint: This endpoint, ending in /emselect, is used to send Solr queries to the App’s database of searches, content items, feedback, and so forth.
  • Update Endpoint: The Update endpoint can be used to upload data to the Search App.
  • Suggest Endpoint: This one, ending in /emsuggest, is used to ask for suggestions when a search query returns no results.

Basic Authentication

For apps using Basic Authentication, the Search APIs are protected using a sets of an auto-generated User-ID and passwords set by the user.

Search API Tab

You may change the passwords (but not the user IDs) on this screen. Click the Save button when finished. 

Read-Write Credentials are for Development Only!

API calls to the query endpoints can expose the credentials to public view in the URL. Therefore, the Read-Write credentials should never be used to generate queries from a production system.

What is the RELOAD SCHEMA button for?

Reload Schema Button

When you add an indexed field to your Sitecore or Drupal site, you must come here and click the Reload Schema button to update the Site Search index. The system will be offline until the update completes.

There is no need to use this button just to update a password.

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