Studio Service Limits

Studio has some limitations to ensure stability and performance for all users and client applications.

The types of Limits include:

  • Subscription Level: Limits which apply to the overall Subscription Plan.
  • App Level: Limits which apply to one App.
  • Other Technical: Technical limits per feature

Subscription Level Limits

ProfessionalBusinessEnterprise – StandardEnterprise – PremiumEnterprise – Premium Plus
Max Number of Apps111510
Max Search requests per Month500K1M1M1M1M
Max Number of Items500K1M1M1M1M
Analytics History90 days365 days365 days365 days365 days

App Level Limits

Request and Records Limits

Max API requests per second205050
Max Document Size100KB100KB100KB
Max Payload10MB10MB10MB
Max Request Size (Query size)10KB10KB10KB
Max URL Length10,240 Characters10,240 Characters10,240 Characters

Security Limits

Max Authentication Tokens/Keys
Search API10
Discovery API10
Analytics Tracking1
Analytics Reporting1

Other Technical Limits

Power Search Conditions3
Number of Facet Values50
Number of Global Filters – Inclusions and Exclusion per Model20
Number of Promoted Indexed Items per Promotion10
Number of External Items100
Max Upload File Size (Synonyms, Spellcheck, Auto-suggest, Related Searches)10MB