SearchstaxSortingWidget Angular

The SearchStax Site Search solution provides an Angular sorting widget for your custom search page.

The SearchstaxSortingWidget displays sorting options for search results.


Import the component:

import { SearchstaxSearchSortingWidget } from '@searchstax-inc/searchstudio-ux-angular';

Add to template:



  • templateOverride: TemplateRef to override default sorting UI.


  • sortingData: Object containing sorting data.
  • context: Component instance reference.
  • selectedSorting: Current selected sorting.


  • orderChange(): Handles changing the sort order.
  • attachObservables(): Subscribes to search data observables.

Template Binding Properties

The templateOverride provides:

  • selectedSorting: Current selected sorting.
  • orderChange: Method to handle changing sort.
  • context: Component instance context.

See Example of Sorting Widget for Angular


Do not hesitate to contact the SearchStax Support Desk.