What is searchstudio-ux-angular

Searchstudio-ux-angular brings the power of the SearchStax Site Search solution to Angular applications through easy-to-use components. It allows you to rapidly build engaging search experiences in Angular apps.

Goal of the Components Library

The goal of SearchStudio-UX-Angular is to simplify building visually appealing and high-performance search interfaces in Angular apps. It handles all the complexities around frontend search UI development.

It provides Angular components like search box, results, filters etc. that can be easily combined to craft exceptional search experiences. The focus on performance, accessibility and aesthetics frees you to focus on UX.

Key Benefits of Using SearchStudio-UX-Angular

  • Fully integrates SearchStudio capabilities like synonyms, faceting, sorting etc.
  • Ready-made performant and accessible Angular components for search
  • Customizable components to match your brand style
  • Handles UI complexities allowing you to focus on UX
  • Quickly build visually appealing search experiences
  • Leverage SearchStudio search features without UI implementation concern
  • Seamless integration into existing Angular applications
  • Rapid development of stunning search interfaces

Visit the Get Started Page now to build awesome search experiences faster than ever before with searchstudio-ux-angular.