May 03, 2024

Leslie Weller


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With 88% of online users citing a bad experience as the reason for not returning to a website, it’s time to take your UX seriously. Here are some key insights pulled directly from SearchStax’s recent webinar that’ll help you level up your website experience.

Website User Experience: The Make-or-Break Moment

For a performer, their make-or-break moment can happen when they walk on the America’s Got Talent stage. Their performance may launch their career or set them back to start. 

For a university or business, their make-or-break moments happen each time someone hits their website. If the site visitor finds what they’re looking for and has a good experience, they’ll continue to engage with the brand. But if the site looks wonky, is hard to navigate and difficult to find information, the visitor is likely to bounce and look elsewhere. Very likely, in fact. 

In a recent SearchStax webinar, we looked at three key trends driving brands to improve site search on content-rich websites. 

The major trends and short clips from the webinar are shared below.

Some of the website trends include an increased emphasis on user experience, higher visitor expectations and brands having to keep up with the ever-evolving volume of content we’re all creating.

Online User Experiences Matter

A crisp experience keeps visitors exploring your site and finding answers to their questions. 

However, a bad experience means that you not only lose them now, but possibly forever. 88% of online users won’t return to a website if they have a bad experience (Forbes).  

Here’s what Pete Navarra, vice president of product adoption at SearchStax and 6x Sitecore MVP, had to say during the live event:  

High Expectations are the New Normal

People almost always visit your website before stepping on campus, applying for the job, or walking into your clinic. And whatever they experience on your website is what they expect to see reflected in their other experiences with your brand. 

When visitors can’t find the information they’re looking for, it takes just a few taps and seconds for them to abandon your site altogether in search of what they want to find elsewhere. 

Take a quick listen to what SearchStax CEO and founder, Sameer Maggon said about rising site visitor expectations. 

Content is Always Evolving

With over 70 million new posts published every month on WordPress alone, not to mention all of the other digital experience platforms (DXP) and content management systems (CMS), there is a never ending supply of content to index and make searchable (source).  

Pete shared his perspective on the flood of content and what this means for today’s digital experience managers.

Site Search Demo

Watch this 3-minute video where Pete takes us through a short preview of how to gain insights from your website search activity and a look at how modern tooling from SearchStax gives marketers the ability to enhance search results, without code. 


If you would like to learn more about improving the website user experience through relevant search experiences, we’re happy to show you how easy it is to get started with the SearchStax Site Search solution. Schedule a demo with our expert team.

By Leslie Weller

Director, Product Marketing

"according to a Forrester study, 43% of site visitors perform a search.

The words being typed into your search bar offer a treasure trove of insights to what your visitors want. "

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