Search API Tab

Site Search > Navigation Pane > Search App > Settings > Apps Management > Search API Tab.

The Search API tab displays the Site Search Endpoints. Each has a copy button at the right to copy the URL to the clipboard:

  • Search URL: This endpoint, ending in /emselect, is used to send Solr queries to the App’s database of searches, content items, feedback, and so forth.
  • Suggest URL: This one, ending in /emsuggest, is used to ask for suggestions when a search query returns no results.  
This is the SearchStax Site Search Apps Management screen where you can view the credentials for your app.

If you scroll down another screen, you’ll find the Apps Credentials. 

You may change the passwords (but not the user IDs) on this screen. Click the Save button when finished. 

The Reload Schema button forces a Solr “reload” of an altered schema, distributing the modified schema to all of the Solr nodes. This button has nothing to do with the password fields on this page.