Upgrading Sitecore Module 1.4 to 1.4.1

How to upgrade from Sitecore Module v1.4 to v1.4.1

SearchStax released the latest version of its SearchStax for Sitecore package which contains several new features and bug fixes. If you are still using SearchStax for Sitecore 1.4.0 you should think about upgrading it in order to leverage all this. This document shows how you can upgrade from a previous version to 1.4.1.

Start by downloading SearchStax for Sitecore 1.4.1 version from here

There are a few changes in the structure of the SearchStax configuration files between versions 1.4.0 and 1.4.1, so please move these files to a separate folder where they won’t be overwritten:

  • \App_Config\Modules\SearchStax\SearchStax.Cloud.config
  • \App_Config\Modules\SearchStax\SearchStax.Connector.Provider.config

Open your Sitecore instance and install the SearchStax for Sitecore 1.4.1 package using the Sitecore Installation Wizard.

Make sure you select “Yes to all” when asked to overwrite files:

Make sure you select “Apply to all” and “Overwrite” to overwrite all the items already in Sitecore.

Once the installation is finished, instead of opening the configuration page, go ahead and delete \App_Config\Modules\SearchStax\SearchStax.Connector.Provider.config.disabled and \App_Config\Modules\SearchStax\SearchStax.Cloud.config files.

Copy both files you’ve previously backed up to \App_Config\Modules\SearchStax\ configuration folder.

Publish your website and you should now be able to use the search page without any issues.