What is a Solr Collection/Core/Shard/Replica?

Welcome to SearchStax Managed Solr. SearchStax Managed Solr is a fully-managed hosted Solr SaaS solution that automates, manages and scales Solr infrastructure. Here is a short glossary to help you

Taming Commits

Solr index “commit” events are a necessary evil that often gets out of hand. A commit involves writing a segment file to the disk (which can trigger segment sorting and

How to Optimize Solr for Performance?

If your Solr system has low performance, out-of-memory errors, or frequent issues with replicas falling into recovery mode, then be sure to read the following helpful publications: Solr Out of

Why is the Config API disabled?

Managed Solr users sometimes discover that the Config API feature has been disabled in their Solr Cloud deployments by the Solr system property disable.configEdit=true. (It has no effect on config

Why is the Configset API disabled?

Users of Solr versions 6.6.0 to 8.6.2 sometimes discover that the Solr Configsets API feature has been disabled in their Managed Solr cloud deployments by the system property configset.upload.enabled=false. (It

Solr Schema API

SearchStax clients sometimes ask us how to use the Solr Schema API with Managed Solr cloud deployments. On this page we have collected some practical examples. Note that SearchStax personnel

Nodes Use Different Disk Space

SearchStax clients sometimes have questions about the Pulse Disk Usage graph. They wonder why one of their Solr nodes uses more disk space than the other(s). It is normal for

Timeouts during indexing: Too many commits!

We sometimes get a complaint that a collection has stopped responding during batch ingestion of new documents. Frequently, the root problem is too-frequent attempts to “commit” the new documents to

Solr Master/Slave Architecture

Users sometimes ask if SearchStax supports Solr’s Master/Slave Architecture. Solr Master/Slave Architecture SearchStax does not offer Solr Master/Slave systems in our cloud deployments. All SearchStax deployments are run in SolrCloud