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Why is the Config API disabled?

Managed Solr users sometimes discover that the Config API feature has been disabled in their Solr Cloud deployments by the Solr system property disable.configEdit=true. (It has no effect on config upload using

In March 2019, Apache reported Critical Vulnerability CVE-2019-0192 (CVSS Score: 9.8). This vulnerability lets people use the Config API to configure the JMX server via an HTTP POST request. By pointing it to a malicious RMI server, an attacker could take advantage of Solr’s unsafe deserialization to trigger remote code execution on the Solr side. This vulnerability was fixed in Solr 6.6.6.

Then in October 2020, Apache reported Critical Vulnerability CVE-2020-13957 (CVSS Score 9.8). There was a work-around to the previous fix. This vulnerability was fixed in Solr 8.6.2.

SearchStax decided to patch all existing deployments to using disable.configEdit=true. We sent out email at that time to all active SearchStax users notifying them of this change.

If you would like us to enable the Config API for a specific deployment, we will be happy to help you. However, since this is a critical vulnerability, we require you to first secure Solr by IP Filtering and/or by Solr Basic Auth.

If this situation impedes your project, consider upgrading to Solr 8.8.2 or later.


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