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The SearchStax Help Center Frequently Asked Questions page includes FAQs about SearchStax Managed Search, our hosted Apache Solr Cloud service.

Consider Enabling SSL

SearchStax Managed Search service clients sometimes as us about a solr.log message indicating that the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is not enabled for their cluster.

solr.log:5:2024-01-19 15:13:31.095 WARN  (main) [   ] o.a.s.c.CoreContainer Solr authentication is enabled, but SSL is off.  Consider enabling SSL to protect user credentials and data with encryption.

The critical phrase is:

Consider enabling SSL

This message arises when your first enable Basic Auth on your deployment.

According to SOLR-14748, this message is due to a harmless bug in a security warning. The warning accidentally reports the opposite of the true situation.

Note that there is some inconsistency in official reports of which Solr versions are affected. We confirmed the above example in various versions of Solr 8 and 9.


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